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In reflecting upon Tyler and his friends tragic accident we hope that this will come to mean something by saving lives and minimizing pain and suffering by changing the driving laws for young drivers. To reduce the risk we are proposing a law change that will help develop better driving habits in young drivers.

These improved habits will have an impact on overall driving habits as these young drivers age. The proposed law change is that young drivers to the age of 21 will have their license revoked if they have alcohol in their bloodstream, (similar to early phase licenses), and will also have their license revoked for speeding, (demerit points lost/15 km over). The term of the penalty would be from 3 months to 1 year based upon the amount of alcohol or the severity of speed. In other words zero tolerance until age 21 for speeding or alcohol consumption when driving. It is at these young ages where drivers are the most reckless and feel invincible. Something must be done!

We have sent the letter below to Mr McGuinty

Your support is important and can really make a difference as the government has indicated that they are already considering a change so far as drinking and driving is concerned.

Please sign this petition below and then forward this petition to as many persons as possible as Momentum is crucial.

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